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"To Strive and Not to Yield" is an energetic and upbeat synth/percussion song inspired by Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem "Ulysses").

This song is available as a digital download from Amazon, CDBaby, Itunes, Tradebit, and other fine online music services.

Sample Clips:

ogg wma mp3
"Can These Bones Live?: An Instrumental Interpretation of Ezekiel 37" combines classical and contemporary instruments in 11 songs designed to capture some of the mood and meaning of the biblical passage found in Ezekiel 37.

You can buy the the album as a traditional CD or as an MP3 download from CDBaby here.

You can also purchase digital downloads of the songs or the album at, Itunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Tradebit, and other fine online music services.

Songs Sample Clips (1 minute)
1. Valley Of The Dry Bones ogg wma
2. Can These Bones Live? ogg wma
3. You Shall Live ogg wma
4. And The Bones Came Together ogg wma
5. The Breath ogg wma
6. House of Israel ogg wma
7. Israel's Lament ogg wma
8. I Will Bring You Home ogg wma
9. Judah And Joseph ogg wma
10. King David ogg wma
11. Covenant Of Peace ogg wma
Can These Bones Live?
What's New:


I implemented a long overdue fix for the Music Videos section, changing from a widget/player powered by the long dead/comatose Revver to one powered by Blip Youtube (11/17/2012).


I released a new single last month, To Strive and Not to Yield. (details and samples available on the left side of this page).


I added a 3 synth recording of the classic Yankee Doodle to the free downloads section.


I added a new song entitled After Halloween to the free downloads section. Hopefully you'll find it scary.


I added a second library to the Free Sound Libraries section. Library #2 consists of 12 single sampled virtual percussion instruments. Both libraries are available for free under the terms of the Creative Commons Sampling Plus License.


I added a new song entitled Song 474 to the free downloads section. It was created using only one sample, which I plan to include (along with others) in my next free sound library.

On another subject, there's a new short clip in the music videos section entitled Colony Seeding. Stuart Whitmore created the footage, and I added the sound track to go with it.


I added an experimental/percussion/synth song entitled Tavern in the Haunted Woods to the free downloads section.


A new song entitled Deep Below the Surface has been added to the free downloads section. It's a synth/percussion piece with a somewhat mysterious mood.


I skipped ahead a little (well, actually a lot) in my ongoing public domain sheet music scanning project to add the song Hail to the Chief (pg.440 &441) from the 1909 book Heart Songs. I wanted to get it online in advance of the inauguration of (soon-to-be) President Obama.

Please note that the lyrics in the version I've scanned are from an earlier version honoring a Scottish Chieftain, rather than those of the version honoring American presidents, although as the words are usually not sung I don't know that it matters a great deal.


Fifteen more pages from the 1911 song book Pentecostal Hymns, Nos 5 and 6 Combined have been added to the Public Domain Sheet Music section.


I added MP3 versions of several of my songs to the free downloads section. I hope to get around to posting MP3 versions of all of them eventually. (The Ogg and WMA versions are still there too, of course).



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